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Antique Snooker Dining Table 6ft

Antique snooker dining table. Playing surface, with dining leaves removed.

We installed this Riley antique snooker dining table this week. This lovely 6ft table easily converts from a playing table to a dining table. Simply adjust the table’s height using the Rise and Fall mechanism, and add the table leaves. Ready to go! To view antique snooker dining tables in stock, please click here:

‘Upcycling’ 6ft antique Riley snooker dining table to a 6ft billiards table.


Upcycling an antique oak snooker dining table, with missing dining leaves, and missing ‘rise and fall’ mechanism. This 6ft Riley table is currently being restored. We will convert this old diner into a billiards table, and the height will be raised to billiards table height. View antique snooker dining tables in stock Video, day 1. […]

Another Video! Full size snooker dining table.

Geo Wright full size snooker dining table B841 (

Adjusting the table height on this rare, full size snooker dining table. The table height adjusts up and down with a winding mechanism. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all our videos, thank you.

Video: Antique rollover billiards dining table.

antique rollover billiard dining table, show dining table rolling over to become playing surface.

A video to demonstrate how an antique rollover billiards dining table works. This one is by George Edwards. Easy to convert from dining table to billiards table by rolling the top over. Visit our YouTube channel to see more! View all antique billiards dining tables in stock.

8ft Riley convertible snooker dining table in walnut. B805 (Round leg)

8ft Riley convertible antique snooker diner .dining leaves.

Just added today, a Riley convertible snooker dining table, in walnut, 8ft playing size. The dining surface is larger. This table easily converts from snooker/billiards table to a dining table. As with all our antique tables, this one will be carefully restored by hand, using traditional techniques. We will French polish the woodwork, and re-place […]

Before and After: French Polished Convertible Antique Snooker Dining Table

antique snooker dining table

Images showing Before and After. We French polished this Riley snooker dining table to the customer’s specification. The Before picture shows the table with the woodwork stripped ready for polishing. The After picture shows the table after it has been French polished by hand. All of our antique snooker and pool tables can be polished […]

8ft snooker diner in mahogany by Riley

An 8ft antique snooker diner table in mahogany by Riley. Circa 1920. B742

Photos just added of this 8ft antique snooker diner, in mahogany by Riley. This table is circa 1920’s. This table has been sold. View all antique snooker dining tables for sale.