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Lovely Antique Billiards Ball Box by Burroughes & Watts

Burroughes & Watts triangle antique ball box.

Just arrived. An antique billiards ball box by Burroughes and Watts. Lovely! With maker’s name badge and brass fittings, this is a fantastic piece. Full details being added to the website this week. View our other antique billiards ball boxes.

Antique Snooker Scoreboards

Antique snooker scoreboards, Riley scoreboard with brass markers and sliders.

A selection of antique snooker scoreboards currently in stock. Prices include restoration and French polishing by hand. Scoreboards in stock by Burroughes and Watts and Riley. To view all antique snooker scoreboards for sale, please click here

Antique pool table by Burroughes & Watts

7ft antique pool table.

This lovely antique pool table was originally made as a combination table by Burroughes and Watts. However, the dining leaves have been lost at some stage, and it now makes an attractive pool table. The playing surface is 7ft. This table has now been sold. View all antique pool tables. 7ft antique snooker or pool […]

Burroughes and Watts snooker table restoration.

Restored full size antique snooker table.Snooker table restoration at Brown's Antiques.

Restoration of a Burroughes and Watts full size snooker table. A customer had a full size snooker table which had been in storage for 40 years. The table had suffered water damage, had loose veneers, and the steel blocks had corroded. Here are the images of that table following a full restoration and French polishing, […]

Antique snooker table restoration. Before and after.

9ft Burroughes and Watts antique snooker dining table AFTER French polishing.

Images showing one table end, and one dining table leaf, from a Burroughes and Watts 9ft antique snooker dining table. First image shows the table before restoration. Second image shows the woodwork after it has been French polished.

8ft antique snooker dining table. Burroughes and Watts.

Burroughes and Watts 8ft snooker dining table in oak, table end.

Just arrived, this antique snooker dining table by Burroughes and Watts.   SOLD. Playing size 8ft. The table is oak. Image shows table end, with Burroughes and Watts name plaque. and one dining leaf. Before restoration. View all antique snooker dining tables

10ft Burroughes and Watts table:Images added

10 ft Antique Snooker Table by Burroughes and Watts B290

We have added some images of this 10ft antique snooker table by Burroughes and Watts. This is a Victorian mahogany table, and the images show the table unrestored. We will completely restore, French polish, re-rubber, and re-cover this table. 10 ft Antique Snooker Table by Burroughes and Watts B290