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‘Portrait of a Craftsman’ by Photographer of the Year

French polishing workshop. a male stands in front of a work bench, with a cue stand and antique furniture in the background.

We were delighted to welcome the international award-winning photographer Chris Frazer Smith to our workshop recently. Chris has won numerous awards for his photography, including the prestigious Lucie International Photographer of The Year Award, and specialises in portraits and people. In Chris’s own words: ”A close friend of mine went to see how a snooker […]

Antique Billiard Tables for sale

7ft Riley billiard dining table.

A look at some of the billiard tables we have in stock. We stock antique billiard tables in sizes from 6ft up to full size (12ft). A 5ft size can also be sourced on request. As well as standard billiard tables, we stock billiard dining tables, or combination tables, which are very popular, especially where […]