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Antique snooker scoreboard

Antique snooker scoreboard with gold numerals and brass sliders.

Lovely antique snooker scoreboard, ready to go to its new owner. With gold numerals, and brass sliders. To view all antique snooker scoreboards for sale please click here.

Antique Snooker Scoreboard

antique snooker scoreboard. Fitzpatrick and Longley. Gold numerals on black background, on a wooden board.

An antique snooker scoreboard by Fitzpatrick and Longley. This scoreboard has been restored and French polished. Reserve now for Christmas. View all antique snooker scoreboards here.

Antique snooker Scoreboards for sale

Antique snooker scoreboards on display at Brown's Antiques.

We’re adding some new scoreboards to our Antique Snooker Scoreboards for sale page today. View our latest stock of Antique Snooker Scoreboards for sale here.