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Antique snooker scoreboards. New stock!

Antique snooker scoreboard, roller board in mahogany with black numbers on white rollers, and brass sliders.

We’ve added some new stock to our antique snooker scoreboards. Shown here is an Art Deco scoreboard with rollers, which will be carefully French polished by hand. View full details here: Antique snooker scoreboard B943    

Choose from our latest antique snooker scoreboards.

We’ve added more antique snooker scoreboards to our website. So whether you want a roller scoreboard, a picture scoreboard, or an antique scoreboard on stand, we’re sure to have the right snooker scoreboard for you. View all our latest Antique Snooker Scoreboards here:

Antique Snooker Scoreboards: Our latest stock.

Jelks oak antique snoker scoreboards

We are excited to offer a range of antique snooker scoreboards for sale. Several restored scoreboards have been added to our website. stock includes scoreboards in mahogany and oak, by makers such as Riley, Burroughes & Watts and Jelks. We carefully restore all of our antique snooker scoreboards by hand, using natural materials. Antique […]

Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

B821 Antique snooker billiards scoreboard Thos Padmore

We have lots of ideas for Father’s Day Gifts. How about an antique scoreboard or some original framed rules? Click here to see our latest stock.

Antique snooker scoreboards

Walnut roller board antique snooker scoreboards.

Lots of antique snooker and billiards scoreboards added to the website today. Please see our Snooker & Billiards page to view all of our latest stock. Including scoreboards, billiards tables and antique snooker dining tables.

Antique Snooker Scoreboards

Antique snooker scoreboards, Riley scoreboard with brass markers and sliders.

A selection of antique snooker scoreboards currently in stock. Prices include restoration and French polishing by hand. Scoreboards in stock by Burroughes and Watts and Riley. To view all antique snooker scoreboards for sale, please click here

Antique snooker Scoreboards.View our Latest Stock on YouTube!

Riley oak antique snooker scoreboard

Images of our latest stock of antique snooker scoreboards are now available to view on YouTube. Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of how fantastic these restored scoreboards actually look. Please follow the links below to view: Riley oak antique scoreboard Antique Snooker Scoreboards- latest stock We would be grateful for any feedback on […]

Antique Snooker Scoreboards. Billiards Scoreboards.Life pool.

Image shows antique snooker scoreboards on display at Brown's Antiques. 8 scoreboards hang on a pale brick wall.

Please browse our antique scoreboards page.  We have a wide choice of scoreboards, from simple antique billiards scoreboards to elaborate antique life pool scoreboards, complete with stand. If you already have an antique snooker or billiards table, we can polish an antique scoreboard to match. Scoreboards always available in oak and mahogany. Please ask if […]

Antique snooker Scoreboards for sale

Image shows antique snooker scoreboards on display at Brown's Antiques. 8 scoreboards hang on a pale brick wall.

We’re adding some new scoreboards to our Antique Snooker Scoreboards for sale page today. View our latest stock of Antique Snooker Scoreboards for sale here.