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Scoreboard-tastic! The gift that keeps on scoring.

Image shows a Riley antique snooker scoreboard in oak with brass marker points and sliders. Standing on green snooker table cloth.

Give an antique scoreboard this Christmas! We’ve restored these two antique snooker scoreboards by Riley. All the woodwork has been carefully restored by hand, and they’re ready to go. A lovely gift. Better than socks. View all antique snooker scoreboards.

Antique Life Pool Scoreboards

Antique Life Pool Scoreboard. wooden board with gold lettering. Black counters on white background.

Check our Latest Stock to see all our latest arrivals, including antique life pool scoreboards. This lovely example is by George Wright. View the full details here: Antique Life Pool Scoreboard by George Wright

Antique Snooker Scoreboards: Our latest stock.

Jelks oak antique snoker scoreboards

We are excited to offer a range of antique snooker scoreboards for sale. Several restored scoreboards have been added to our website. stock includes scoreboards in mahogany and oak, by makers such as Riley, Burroughes & Watts and Jelks. We carefully restore all of our antique snooker scoreboards by hand, using natural materials. Antique […]

Fantastic Large Antique Riley Scoreboard

Just added to the website, a fantastic antique mahogany scoreboard by Riley. This antique roller scoreboard is mahogany, and will be French polished by hand. This item has sold. See all scoreboards in stock.

Antique mahogany rollerboard C1895

antique snooker scoreboard rollerbards

Just arrived, this antique mahogany rollerboard scorer. By the makers Cox and Yeman, this large scoreboard is circa 1895. Full restoration is included in the price. View full details here: Antique snooker and billiards scoreboards

Antique snooker scoreboard

An antique snooker scoreboard with gold numerals and brass sliders. The scoreboard has a curved shape to the top.

A lovely antique snooker scoreboard, ready to go to its new owner. With gold coloured numerals, brass sliders, and a decorative curved top. This scoreboard has been carefully restored by hand, using traditional polishing techniques. THIS SCOREBOARD HAS BEEN SOLD. To view all antique snooker scoreboards for sale please click here.

Antique Snooker Scoreboard on stand. Thurston

Antique snooker scoreboard and life pool scoreboard, on stand, by Thurston, with carved detail

A spectacular antique snooker scoreboard on stand by Thurston. This antique scoreboard will be fully restored, and would make a fine addition to any games room. With elaborate carved details, life pool scorers and snooker scoring dials. Full details here: antique life pool snooker scoreboard on stand Thurston.

Riley ‘picture board’ antique snooker scoreboard

Riley antique picture scoreboard. Antique snooker scoreboard

A beautiful antique snooker scoreboard by E J Riley. This scoreboard has brass runners, and is concealed by a decorative flap with three delightful country scenes on. Antique E J Riley picture board snooker scoreboard. View all snooker scoreboards here.