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Antique Revolving Cue Stands

Antique revolving snooker cue stand

We have just completed the restoration on these two antique revolving cue stands. Full details can be found on the Antique Cue Stands page: Antique Snooker Cue Stands B601 a 21 clip antique revolving cue stand in mahogany. B605 12 clip mahogany revolving cue stand, with a patented Funts cue clip release system.

Antique revolving cue stands.

12 clip revolving antique snooker cue stand

Images showing antique revolving cue stands. 1. a 12 clip revolving cue stand, ref B616.  French polished and ready to go. Ideal christmas present! 2. Two 21 clip antique revolving cue stands, shown during restoration.  More images to follow once restoration is complete. sold separately please see links: B606 21 clip revolving cue stand B606a 21 […]