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Antique Snooker Dining Table. Restored & Installed at Louis Vuitton, New Bond Street.

Antique snooker dining table at Louis Vuitton store

This is an oak George Edwards, antique snooker dining table, restored by Brown’s Antiques, and installed in the Louis Vuitton New Bond Street store. The table was carefully restored by hand, and re-covered in traditional olive green cloth. We can supply, restore, and install antique snooker / billiards tables in various sizes, starting at 5ft.  […]

Antique billiards dining table. 8ft mahogany table by Riley.

8ft Riley antique snooker dining table

Watch the videos of this fabulous table in action. This antique billiards dining table by Riley easily converts into a dining table. More videos on our YouTube channel: Subscribe here: View all antique billiards dining tables in stock.

Rollover Antique Snooker Dining Table Demo.

George Edwards antique mahogany 6ft snooker dining table

Watch Mark demonstrate this rollover antique snooker dining table. These tables transform from a dining table into a snooker or pool table, simply by rolling over the table top. View all rollover antique snooker dining tables here.

Video: Antique rollover billiards dining table.

antique rollover billiard dining table, show dining table rolling over to become playing surface.

A video to demonstrate how an antique rollover billiards dining table works. This one is by George Edwards. Easy to convert from dining table to billiards table by rolling the top over. Visit our YouTube channel to see more! View all antique billiards dining tables in stock.

Riley Rise and Fall mech. on antique snooker diner.

Riley antique snooker diner, with Rise and Fall mechanism.

Photos showing an original Riley ‘Rise and Fall’ mechanism, and wooden lifting handles, which are used to raise and lower the table height to change between playing height and dining height. ADDED 05.04.2017 WATCH OUR DEMONSTRATION VIDEO OF THE RILEY ‘RISE & FALL MECHANISM’ HERE  

Antique billiards diner by E J Riley

A 7ft antique billiards diner in oak by Riley.

An antique billiards dining table by E J Riley. This oak table has fantastic carved  bulbous legs, and removable dining leaves. A stunning table!   Full details below. SOLD. View all antique snooker dining tables in stock.

Antique Snooker Dining Tables

Riley antique snooker dining table.Oak serpentine shaped table with green cloth playing surface.

Now appearing on YouTube, a selection of antique snooker dining tables for sale. Watch our slide show featuring antique snooker dining tables for sale at Brown’s Antiques Billiards and Interiors here:  View all Antique Snooker Dining Tables in stock