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9ft Riley antique snooker table restoration

Restored Riley 9ft antique snooker table.

Images showing a Riley 9ft antique snooker table restoration. We have restored and French polished this table.  It will be installed this week and re-covered in a red cloth. (Any black marks are on camera lens, not woodwork!) Pocket nets and leathers with an ‘antiqued finish’. Restored 9ft Riley snooker table.

Fabulous 9ft antique snooker table. J Bennett

Image shows an antique snooker table, with tulip leg after French polishing. Standing on a patterned rug.

Fabulous! A 9ft antique snooker table by the original John Bennett company. Images show the table after restoration and traditional French polishing by hand. With beautiful tulip legs, which is rare for a table of this size. View all antique snooker tables for sale.

9ft antique snooker table restoration

9ft Jelks antique snooker table restoration.

We are restoring this 9ft antique snooker table by Jelks this week. Images showing French polished legs, leg plates and sides / cushions. This table is going to be covered with a silver colour bedcloth. Should look stunning!