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Nathan Mid-century Teak Occasional Table B981

A vintage, solid teak occasional table by Nathan. Circa mid- late 20th century.

B & I Nathan was a furniture maker that followed contemporary taste in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and which prided itself on the ” finest workmanship, well-seasoned woods and the best finish.”

A square design, with rounded corners and edges, with strong, rounded legs. Ideal coffee table or side table.

H 41.5cm w 53cm d 53cm
Professionally refinished top, as there was a raised area to one side of the top from previous water damage, but this is not visible to the eye. 

Please study the images, taken both indoors and outside.


Dimensions: Height 41cm, Length 52cm, Width 52cm.

Price: £99.00

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