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Antique Snooker Dining Tables Information

Antique snooker dining tables are one of the most popular items sold at Brown’s Antiques

All antique snooker dining tables come with our ‘starter kit’ of cues, balls, chalk, triangle, and rules.

Also known as dual height billiard dining tables, convertible snooker dining tables, or combination billiard diners, these tables incorporate a mechanism to raise the table height from dining height to playing height.  

We stock these tables in the following sizes: 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft, although the 9ft size is very rare.  We can also supply a 5ft size on request, although we have found that this smaller table is not so popular.

All tables are restored and finished to the customer’s requirements, with a choice of cloth, and wood finish.  We offer a truly bespoke service.  Our attention to detail is second to none.

How do antique snooker dining tables work?

All of our antique snooker dining tables have a slate bed, and removable dining leaves, which are usually simply lifted off to transform your dining table into a snooker table.

The table mechanisms vary, the most well known probably being the Riley ‘rise and fall’ mechanism. This easy to use mechanism requires the table top to be lifted, one end at a time to raise the height. Simple to use. Other makers may use a ‘crank’ system.

Watch our video of the Riley rise and fall mechanism > 

One of our favourite mechanisms is the ‘rollover’ method, where the dining / playing surface literally rolls over, or spins, to convert from dining surface to playing surface.

Watch our video that demonstrates the rollover method >

An antique 'rise and fall' mechanism on an antique snooker dining table by Riley.
A rise and fall mechanism on an antique snooker dining table by Riley.

Our restoration process

We usually restore our antique snooker dining tables to order, taking the customer’s preferences into account. Once you have reserved your table, we will  continuously consult with you during the restoration stage, and will keep you informed of progress.

All of our antique snooker dining tables are sympathetically restored by hand, using traditional techniques, retaining the character of each table.  We do not spray finish our tables, but carefully French polish by hand, using high quality products.  Any replacement parts are sourced locally, we do not use cheap, imported products. We replace the table’s bed cloth, re-rubber and re-cover the cushions, and replace pockets where necessary.

We can cover your antique table in any colour baize, it doesn’t have to be green! Please ask for details

Choosing your finish

We will prepare wooden colour samples.  These samples will show the various tones of colour and degree of sheen that can be achieved during French polishing. We will send these samples to you so that you can select the finish that you prefer.  We will then restore your table to your chosen finish, emailing images to you as the restoration takes place.

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Image shows a white male demonstrating an antique snooker dining table with a rollover mechanism. Snooker scoreboards are on the walls around him.
Burgess 7ft rollover Antique Snooker Dining Table in action.