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Our Antique Snooker Tables

Welcome to our antique snooker and billiards tables information page.

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We specialise in antique snooker and billiards tables in sizes ranging from 6ft up to full size (12ft), and antique snooker dining tables in sizes 6ft to 9ft. 5ft tables are available on request.  We do not stock any modern tables.

All our antique snooker tables come with a free ‘starter kit’ of snooker cues, balls, triangle, chalk, and rules.

We’re happy to source your ideal antique snooker table.  There is no charge for this service.  Let us know the size and style of table that you require, and we will do all we can to find it!

All tables are restored and finished to the customer’s requirements, with a choice of cloth, and wood finish.  We offer a truly bespoke service.  Our attention to detail is second to none.

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Image shows 9ft John Bennett antique snooker table. the wood is dark and has been French polished. the playing surface is green, with a set of snooker balls on it. The table legs are a decorative tulip shape.
A 9ft original John Bennett antique snooker table with tulip leg.

Our Restoration Process

We usually restore our antique snooker tables to order, taking the customer’s preferences into account. Once you’ve reserved your table, we will  continuously consult with you during the restoration stage, and will keep you informed of progress.

All of our antique snooker tables and billiards tables are sympathetically restored by hand, using traditional techniques, retaining the character of each table.

We do not spray finish our tables, but carefully French polish by hand, using high quality products.

Any replacement parts are sourced locally, we do not use cheap, imported products. We replace the snooker table’s  bed cloth, re-rubber and re-cover the cushions, and replace pockets where necessary.

We can cover your antique table in any colour baize, it doesn’t have to be green!

Please ask for details.

Aa set of brightly coloured baize colour swatches. For antique snooker table restoration.
Baize colour swatches. Antique snooker table restoration

Choosing Your Finish

Our wood colour samples show the various tones of colour and degree of sheen that can be achieved during French polishing. 

We will prepare and send these samples to you, so that you can select the finish that you prefer.

We will then restore your table to your chosen finish, emailing photos to you as the restoration takes place.  

We can even colour-match the woodwork, if you have a piece of furniture that you would like the snooker table to match.

If you would like to discuss our restoration techniques, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Five pieces of wood, polished various colours, as samples for antique snooker tables restoration.
French polished mahogany colour samples for antique snooker table restoration.

Antique Snooker Table Delivery – General

We can arrange delivery and installation of your antique snooker table from Brown’s Antiques.  We will provide a quote based on your location, and the proposed siting of the table, eg ground floor or 1st floor etc. For a quote, please email us with your postcode, and full details of siting and parking / access information.

Deliveries outside of the UK

We can recommend shipping companies that we have used previously to transport antique snooker tables outside of the UK.  Please contact us for details.

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