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Fantastic Large Antique Riley Scoreboard

Just added to the website, a fantastic antique mahogany scoreboard by Riley. This antique roller scoreboard is mahogany, and will be French polished by hand. This item has sold. See all scoreboards in stock.

Antique & Vintage Games

vintage bowls game. Vintage games.

We have added some antique and vintage games to the website. See examples below, or CLICK HERE to view all vintage games for sale. A fabulous set of Riley skittles, in original box. Set of Riley vintage billiards bowls.

Restored Billiards table with French Navy cloth

Image shows an antique snooker table with dark polished woodwork and a blue cloth. Antique snooker tables-what's included?

This 6ft billiards table has been fully restored, and re-covered in a French Navy cloth. If you have a cloth colour in mind, or a colour scheme to match, contact us with your requirements. We offer a free samples service for both wood-finish and cloth colour, for all antique billiards tables. Antique billiards table in […]

King of Billiards Tables!

Antique billiards table with Royal Blue cloth

We are delighted to have been officially crowned #KingOf Billiards Tables this week! We are winners of the weekly competition to celebrate men in business. The Royal Connection was started by Aqua Design Group as a fun way to celebrate women in business with the #QueenOf day competition which was weekly during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of […]

Assembling an antique billiards table

Geo Wright full size antique billiards table B777

Today we have been assembling an antique billiards table for customers to view. The images below are of a full size George Wright table, which has very heavy two inch thick slates! An excellent quality table.

Antique snooker scoreboards

Walnut roller board antique snooker scoreboards.

Lots of antique snooker and billiards scoreboards added to the website today. Please see our Snooker & Billiards page to view all of our latest stock. Including scoreboards, billiards tables and antique snooker dining tables.

‘Antiqued’ Billiards Table Nets

Antiqued billiards table nets

These are our ‘antiqued’ billiards table nets, preferred by many customers for their more authentic looking appearance, when used on an antique billiards table. The whiter nets (on the right) are shown for comparison.Attention to detail, always! Read more about our antique billiards tables here.

Antique & Vintage Cue Stands

Vintage cue stand B813

Check out our Cue Stands For Sale. We have a selection of antique and vintage cue stands in stock. Ranging from simple wall-mounted styles, to 9 clip floor-standing, and larger revolving circular cue stands. Please see examples below, or click here for cue stands currently in stock.