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Framed collection of miniature billiards items

Framed collection of miniature billiards items

This vintage collection of miniature billiards items includes billiards balls in boxes, black and white photographs and billiards books. It reads ‘A collection of billiard and snooker items, once commonplace throughout the country, but now rarely seen.’  

Antique Snooker Scoreboard on stand. Thurston

Antique snooker scoreboard and life pool scoreboard, on stand, by Thurston, with carved detail

A spectacular antique snooker scoreboard on stand by Thurston. This antique scoreboard will be fully restored, and would make a fine addition to any games room. With elaborate carved details, life pool scorers and snooker scoring dials. Full details here: antique life pool snooker scoreboard on stand Thurston.

Antique Pool Tables at Brown’s Antiques. View now!

Image shows an antique pool table in rosewood with elaborate carving. standing on a patterned rug. There are net pockets at the corners of the table.

Antique pool tables in stock. We have many antique pool tables in stock, in a range of sizes, to suit any games room. Our smaller antique  snooker/ billiards tables are also suitable for use as a pool table, and are available in sizes from 6ft upwards. All of our pool tables are traditionally restored, and carefully French […]

Riley ‘picture board’ antique snooker scoreboard

Riley antique picture scoreboard. Antique snooker scoreboard

A beautiful antique snooker scoreboard by E J Riley. This scoreboard has brass runners, and is concealed by a decorative flap with three delightful country scenes on. Antique E J Riley picture board snooker scoreboard. View all snooker scoreboards here.