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Vintage Table skittles game. 1950’s

A vintage table skittles game, circa 1950’s. A lovely vintage 1950’s skittles game with fantastic patination. Simply knock the skittles down, pull the red knob, and they all pop up in place again! full details: vintage table skittles game. THIS ITEM HAS SOLD.

Antique snooker dining table- rollover table.

Antique snooker dining table,rollover table. Shown during restoration. The legs have been French polished.

Image showing an antique snooker dining table that we’re restoring this week. This rollover table is shown during restoration.  The legs have been French polished. The dining table top has been stripped, ready for polishing. then we will re-cover the playing surface in a slate-blue baize. The dining surface ‘rolls over’ to become the playing […]

Antique Snooker Scoreboards

Antique snooker scoreboards, Riley scoreboard with brass markers and sliders.

A selection of antique snooker scoreboards currently in stock. Prices include restoration and French polishing by hand. Scoreboards in stock by Burroughes and Watts and Riley. To view all antique snooker scoreboards for sale, please click here

Riley Rise and Fall mech. on antique snooker diner.

Riley antique snooker diner, with Rise and Fall mechanism.

Photos showing an original Riley ‘Rise and Fall’ mechanism, and wooden lifting handles, which are used to raise and lower the table height to change between playing height and dining height. ADDED 05.04.2017 WATCH OUR DEMONSTRATION VIDEO OF THE RILEY ‘RISE & FALL MECHANISM’ HERE