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Latest Arrivals. Snooker and billiards

6ft snooker diner by riley in mahogany. with cabriole leg and ball and claw feet.

The three fantastic items below have just arrived: Click to see all latest arrivals. A 6ft mahogany Riley snooker dining table.  With cabriole leg, ball and claw feet. A Victorian revolving cue stand by Orme, in mahogany. An 8ft oak billiard table with tulip leg, by Howarth Nuttall.

Antiqued pocket nets and leathers

Antiqued snooker table pocket nets and leathers

The image below shows a set of ‘antiqued’ snooker table pocket nets and leathers. When we replace the nets and leathers on an antique table, we give them an ‘antique’ appearance to suit the age of the table.  Attention to detail, always!

Full size bagatelle table

Image of the full size bagatelle table by Padmore. More details here: Full size bagatelle table, B671