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10ft Antique Oak snooker Table by Burroughes and Watts

10ft antique oak snooker table by Burroughes and Watts

A 10ft antique snooker table by Burroughes and Watts in oak. This rare, most elegant table, has round, turned and reeded legs. This table has sold.  For details of antique snooker tables for sale, please click here.

Antique snooker table restoration.

Aa set of brightly coloured baize colour swatches. For antique snooker table restoration.

Find out more about our antique snooker table restoration! When we restore an antique snooker table, we offer our customers a choice of colour when it comes to French polishing the woodwork. Here, five samples of mahogany have been prepared and French polished to slightly different shades. The table will be polished according to the […]

Antique Snooker Scoreboard

antique snooker scoreboard. Fitzpatrick and Longley. Gold numerals on black background, on a wooden board.

An antique snooker scoreboard by Fitzpatrick and Longley. This scoreboard has been restored and French polished. Reserve now for Christmas. View all antique snooker scoreboards here.

Antique snooker cue racks.

B849 antique 6 clip wall cue rack. antique snooker cue rack

A selection of antique snooker cue racks, awaiting restoration. These cue racks will all be French polished by hand. View all antique snooker cue racks in stock.