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Rollover Antique Snooker Dining Tables. How do they work?

Rollover antique snooker dining table by Burgess

One of our most popular items is The Antique Snooker Dining Table. A versatile piece of furniture, the snooker diner quickly transforms from dining table to snooker table. There are various mechanisms on these tables, depending on the maker. One of the most well know is the Riley Rise and Fall mechanism.  However, one of the most […]

Red baize on your antique snooker table.

We love this red baize, very appropriate for Valentine’s Day! Did you know, we can cover your antique snooker table in almost any colour baize? Whether you prefer the traditional green, or a darker forest green, or something altogether different, we can source the cloth for you. A whole rainbow of colours is available, why not […]

Antique snooker scoreboard by George Wright.

Antique snooker scoreboard by George Wright

An antique snooker scoreboard by the maker George Wright. With brass markers and runners, this is a most attractive scoreboard. To view our stock of snooker scoreboards, please click here.

Antique Furniture for sale at Brown’s Antiques

Antique Furniture For Sale at Browns Antiques.

We have a wide range of antique furniture for sale at Brown’s Antiques. Items include antique dining tables, sets of dining chairs, and various storage furniture such as chests of drawers and wardrobes. All of our antique furniture is carefully restored by hand. We have many years’ experience in antique furniture restoration, and in French […]