Antique snooker diner- rollover table.

Image showing an antique snooker diner table that we are restoring this week.

This rollover table is shown during restoration.  The legs have been French polished.
The dining table top has been stripped, ready for polishing. then we will re-cover the playing surface in a slate-blue baize.

The dining surface ‘rolls over’ to become the playing surface for snooker or pool.

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Rollover snooker dining tables for sale.

Antique snooker diner rollover table

Antique snooker diner rollover restoration

French polished antique snooker diner rollover table.

French polished antique snooker diner rollover table.

Rollover Snooker Dining Tables. How do they work?

One of our most popular items is The Antique Snooker Dining Table.

A versatile piece of furniture, the snooker diner quickly transforms from dining table to snooker table.

There are various mechanisms on these tables, depending on the maker. One of the most well know is the Riley Rise and Fall mechanism.  However, one of the most entertaining, and impressive, is the Rollover snooker diner. Imagine your guests’ reaction after dinner – Simply clear the table and spin it over and you’re ready to play some snooker!

We are often asked how the rollover snooker diners work, so we have compiled this series of ‘action shots’ to demonstrate. (thank you Tom).


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