Convertible oak billiards dining table by Riley

Images just added of this convertible oak billiards dining table by Riley. This is a 7ft oak table, with turned and fluted legs. Circa 1940’s, with the original Rise and Fall mechanism, and lifting handles to change from dining height to playing height. Removable dining leaves.

Full details and images here: Convertible oak billiards dining table B808

7ft antique snooker diner table
7ft convertible billiards diner. Riley. Oak B808

8ft Riley convertible snooker dining table in walnut. B805 (Round leg)

8ft Riley convertible antique snooker diner .dining leaves.
8ft Riley convertible antique snooker diner.

Just added today, a Riley convertible snooker dining table, in walnut, 8ft playing size.

This table easily converts from snooker/billiards table to a dining table.

For more images, please click here: Riley 8ft convertible snooker diner B805

8ft mahogany Convertible Snooker Dining Table by Riley.(Square leg)

Photos added today of this convertible 8ft snooker diner. The table is mahogany, by Riley. Removable dining table leaves easily convert this from a playing table to dining table.

Full details here:8ft mahogany snooker dining table by Riley.

Riley 8ft snooker dining table (
Riley 8ft snooker dining table

Before and After: French Polished Convertible Snooker Dining Table

Images showing Before and After.

We French polished this Riley snooker dining table to the customer’s specification.

The Before picture shows the table with the woodwork stripped ready for polishing.

The After picture shows the table after it has been French polished by hand.

All of our antique snooker and pool tables can be polished to your specification.  We provide colour samples for you to choose from, or we can match the woodwork to your existing furniture.  Ask us for details!

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Antique snooker dining table

BEFORE; Antique snooker dining table before polishing

antique snooker dining table

AFTER; French polished antique snooker dining table. Dark oak.