Just Arrived: Antique Revolving Cue Stand

A revolving cue stand, to hold 15 snooker/billiards cues.

Please contact us for more details.

Revolving cue stand
Revolving cue stand

Antique snooker cue racks.

A selection of antique snooker cue racks, awaiting restoration.

These cue racks will all be French polished by hand.

Antique snooker cue stands-choice of two!

Two antique snooker cue stands in mahogany, both fully restored at Brown’s Antiques. Please see our antique snooker cue stands page for full details.

Showing 21 clip cue stand, and 8 clip cue stand in mahogany.

antique snooker billiard cue racks (1)

antique snooker billiard cue racks (1)