Convertible oak billiards dining table by Riley

Images just added of this convertible oak billiards dining table by Riley. This is a 7ft oak table, with turned and fluted legs. Circa 1940’s, with the original Rise and Fall mechanism, and lifting handles to change from dining height to playing height. Removable dining leaves.

Full details and images here: Convertible oak billiards dining table B808

7ft antique snooker diner table
7ft convertible billiards diner. Riley. Oak B808

New arrivals! 7ft billiards tables and 7ft billiards diners

Just added: 7ft antique billiards tables and 7ft antique billiards dining tables.

Includes a  Geo Edwards 7ft oak diner, a Riley refectory style diner with barley twist legs.

Also just in, a mahogany 7ft billiards table by Gamages.

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