We provide a range of restoration services, and a sourcing service for antique furniture, antique snooker tables, and antique billiards tables. Please click on any link below for full details.

Antique Furniture Sourcing

Antique Furniture For Sale at Browns Antiques.

Antique Furniture Sourcing at Browns Antiques.

We offer an antique furniture sourcing service. For those difficult to find pieces, or for people with little time, let us find the furniture for you. See our Antique Furniture Sourcing page.


French Polishing and Restoration

A grand piano French polished by Brown's Antiques.

A grand piano French polished by Brown’s Antiques.

We provide a full restoration service for antique furniture, pianos, and antique snooker and billiards tables. View our restoration page for antique furniture restoration, snooker and billiards table restoration and traditional French polishing.


Antique Snooker Table Restoration

Antique snooker table restoration. Replacing bedcloth  new baize.

Antique snooker table restoration. Replacing bed cloth new baize.

We offer a full re-polishing and restoration service for antique snooker tables and billiards tables.



Antique Snooker Table Hire

Antique Snooker Table Hire for retail / shop display

Antique Snooker Table Hire

We have antique snooker tables which we hire out for weddings or corporate events, or for retail display. Please see our Snooker Table Hire page for more details.