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Do you own an antique snooker table that you no longer have room for?  We buy antique snooker tables, antique billiards tables and accessories, and some items of general antique furniture, including large antique dining tables, and sets of antique dining chairs.

Please note, we do not deal in modern snooker tables or modern furniture.


antique table and chairs

Sell to us.  Antique snooker and billiards tables, Antique furniture .

To sell to us:

In the first instance, please email details of size/age/maker, an idea of the amount you are looking for, and a photo of the item you wish to sell to:


We will then get back to you and let you know whether we are interested. Thank you.

Please allow up to a week for a response, as we receive a large number of these requests every day.  For the same reason, please do not telephone regarding items you wish to sell. An email is our preferred method.  Many thanks.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please be aware that we can only keep a certain number of items in stock, and are therefore unable to purchase every item offered to us!

Due to the huge number of requests we receive each week, we are unable to provide general valuations and guide prices for your own use.  Thank you for your understanding.