Handmade snooker cue racks

Handmade snooker cue racks available in a choice of sizes, and polished to match your antique snooker table.

At Brown’s we have designed a small range of handmade snooker cue racks.

  •  Wall mounted, 2 part cue racks and available in a choice of three sizes:

6 clip, 9 clip and 12 clip.

  • Also available in is a 10 clip, freestanding style.

10 clip, with sides, freestanding cue rack.

The racks are made to order by our restorer, in oak or mahogany. Our French polisher will then polish your cue rack to match your snooker table.

A truly personal service at a very reasonable price.



  • Price 6 clip £120 + VAT, 9 clip £150 +VAT, 12 clip £195 + VAT, 10 clip £poa
  • Age New

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