Antique Snooker Scoreboards Wall. Brown's Antiques Billiards and Interiors

Antique Snooker Scoreboards Wall. Brown’s Antiques Billiards and Interiors

At Brown’s Antiques, Billiards and Interiors, we specialise in  antique snooker, pool and billiards tables, and snooker accessories.  We also sell antique furniture and vintage items. We love what we do and think you will too.

Stock   Our stock includes a range of antique snooker, pool and billiards tables in sizes from 6ft to full size, including antique snooker dining tables, and rollover snooker tables. We also have a range of billiards accessories such as scoreboards and cue stands. New stock is added regularly. Our antique furniture stock includes a variety of tables, seating, storage furniture, plus vintage and decorative items.

Prices   We have many years’ experience in antique furniture and antique snooker tables. Overheads are kept as low as possible, in order to keep our prices keen.  We are antiques enthusiasts, and do not stock new, reproduction, or modern items.

Restoration   All restoration is carefully carried out by hand. We use traditional French polishing techniques, and sympathetically restore each piece. Parts are only replaced if absolutely necessary.  We use natural products , and the best quality materials.  We never spray finish.  Brown’s is an environmentally friendly company, and we are delighted to have won a number of awards.

Our customers  We sell to the general public and trade, and provide antique furniture and snooker tables to interior designers and for shop display. We are passionate about what we do, and like to involve the customer as much as possible.  We believe that excellent customer service makes all the difference.  When you buy an antique snooker table from us, you can expect to be fully involved in every stage of the restoration process, as we will consult with you and ask your opinion as we restore the table to your requirements.

Antique Snooker Tables

Antique Snooker Tables at Brown's Antiques Billiards and Interiors.

Antique snooker, pool and billiards tables at Brown’s Antiques Billiards and Interiors.

We stock antique snooker tables , billiards tables and pool tables. We do not stock  modern tables. Antique snooker tables for sale range from 6ft tables to full size (12ft) tables. We specialise in antique snooker diners/antique snooker dining tables, which we stock in sizes 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft.  We have many years’ experience in restoring antique snooker tables and billiards tables for both trade and retail customers, and undertake all restoration ourselves.  All our antique snooker tables for sale are sympathetically restored, retaining the character of each individual table.  Our French polisher carefully restores the woodwork by hand, using traditional methods, whilst our snooker and billiards technician replaces the bedcloth, re-rubbers and covers the cushions, and replaces pockets and nets.  We use 6811 tournament cloth and northern rubber as standard.  Any replacement parts are craftsman made locally, we do not use cheap imported parts. We pride ourselves on this attention to detail, which  cannot be compared with a spray finish.

All our antique snooker tables come with a free ‘starter kit’ consisting of new or good quality used cues, balls, triangle, chalk and rules.

We also stock a wide range of antique snooker and billiards accessories, which includes antique snooker scoreboards, life pool marker boards, antique snooker cue racks, as well as antique snooker and billiards prints and advertisements.

Antique Snooker and Billiard Table Restoration

If you have an antique snooker table, pool or billiards table that needs restoration, we will be delighted to provide a quote for re-polishing and restoring your table.  For more details of our re-polishing and restoration service, please see our Restoration page.

Antique Snooker and Billiard Table Hire/Rental

We have a selection of antique snooker tables and billiards tables that can be hired.  Please see our Snooker Table Hire page for more details. This service has proved popular for weddings, as well as for retail and shop display purposes.  Tables can be hired for a day, or for longer periods.

Antique Furniture & Vintage Items

Antique Furniture For Sale

Antique Furniture For Sale

We stock a range of antique furniture and vintage items. We deal in antique dining tables and sets of chairs, as well as storage furniture, vintage items and decorative antiques.

Furniture Sourcing / Finding Service

We  provide a ‘finding’ service, where we will source the items of antique furniture that you are looking for. Contact us with details of the item you are looking for and we will endeavour to find it.  There is no charge for this sourcing service. Read about antique furniture sourcing here.

Antique Furniture Restoration

If you have antique furniture that you would like restored, please contact us, and our French polishing team will be pleased to provide a quote.  Our French polishers use traditional methods to sympathetically restore antique furniture and antique snooker tables. Please see our Restoration page for further details.